Manpower Staffing

We have started Manpower Staffing in 2015 and have a Team of 10 specialised professionals.

As part of manpower staffing the client provided with following services:

  • Contractual / Permanent Employment Program
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Insurance (ESIC, Medi-claim and Workmen Compensation)
  • Form 16
  • Attendance & Overtime
  • Leave Management
  • Arrears & Increment
  • Loans and Advances

Process of Manpower Staffing

1) Short Term / Long Term Staffing solution

  • Understand client requirement
  • Screening and selection of aspiring candidates
  • Complete all formalities & provide required manpower at the site

2) Wage and Salary administration

  • Time office data is collected from the client before the monthly cut of date
  • Pay Roll is processed at SS eduks adhering to all statutory and non statutory compliances.
  • All associates bank accounts are credited & salary slips are distributed

3) Reports send to the clients

  • Monthly reports (copy of Wage Sheet, PF, ESIC and other required statutory reports 17 and full and final settlement)

4) Resolving salary / wage Grievances

  • HR help desk at SS Eduks

5) Confidentiality

  • SS Eduks has strong security policy comprising of high end Firewalls for maintaining confidentiality

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